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6 cutting edge insights into responsive design
Web designer and editor-in-chief of Smashing Magazine, Vitaly Friedman's opening message to TYPO attendees this year mirrored John Boulton's words: "The design process is weird and complicated because it involves people and organisations – which are often weird and complicated." "Discovering patterns in this complexity is akin to discovering what is important in geographic maps," said Friedman, as he expressed his love of landmarks, topography and the focal points that make up the features of a landscape. "The web designer's job is to identify the patterns of navigation that are disclosed in UX," he said. "This is often visualised in the abstract maps web designers draw in the initial stages of a project." 01. Clear navigation Because navigation is where the pattern begins, Friedman pressed home the importance of clearly signing navigational menus, using the example of an abstract menu icon consisting of three lines. Research conducted on the Cancer Research website showed this design doesn't immediately indicate its function to all users, whereas framing the word 'menu' makes for an elegant and clearly indicative interface element. Friedman added that menus should also be easily opened/closed and compact so as not to disturb the action of scrolling – a defining element of off-canvas navigation (OCN). Friedman broke OCN down into three important takeaways: