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20 Cutting Edge Website Designs and Trends
Website design trends are evolving all the time. As a result, easier navigation, simple layouts that also look good on small screens, and creative elements are all a part of websites attempting to remain competitive. This post will showcase 20 hot examples of cutting edge website from the not-for-profit and NGO sector and highlight 7 key trends in website design you can expect to see more of in 2014. We'll discuss flat design (what it is and why it works so well in digital formats), unique typography, long scrolling home pages, fullscreen or large photos, HTML5/CSS3 animations/transitions, navigational cards, and video. Whether you access the web from a mobile, tablet or desk top, a website is an essential piece of communication infrastructure in 2014 for all businesses and organisations. Reviewing your site design regularly and keeping abreast of major design trends will help your brand to stay current, competitive and most importantly ensure your website is driving results you want. Let's dive in to the latest web design crowdsourcing trends! #1 Flat Designs / Decluttering the Screen The flat design trend that started with Apple iOS7 for iPhones and iPads and then Google and Microsoft, has now overtaken website design contests. It's easy to see why, though, with its clean and simple look and feel. Flat design is a new design approach that takes the minimalist aesthetic of 'less is more' to extra lengths. Sometimes websites, especially some nonprofits, can become too cluttered with 3D effects. A flat design takes away all of the design extras to give a fresh, contemporary website so that your message stands out. #2. Unique Typography One way that an NPO website can immediately stand out is with original typography. Now with so many web-optimized fonts available for free, non-profits and small businesses who priortise design can access unique good-looking font types at the click of a button. #3. Long Scrolling Home Page A long scrolling home page can benefit a non profit in that it puts all of the information in a single spot for donors who are looking to scan quickly. Keep in mind that long scrolling sites, whether they are single page or multi-page, can be too overwhelming if they go 'forever'. This trend carries through to other creative industries where long scrolling web pages are an alternative to creating additional pages and navigation. If your page is image driven, light on text and you want the user to perform one action than the long scroll is a valid approach.