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We believe -also based on our experiences- in a holistic approach to education, which considers people not only functioning beings, but approaches them as complete individuals with dreams, ideas, imaginations… We want to communicate such insights experientially with the participants by allowing them to become acquainted with the strength of the collection resources of the house , and how they can be used in the classroom: Other points of interest are personality development, visual literacy, and awareness of flexible classroom style: A guide works with up to 10 people.

Those who would like to gain inspiration for their own classroom project can consult the collection by appointment. Spot copies can be made and under certain conditions we also lend kamishibai stories, books and materials. We can invite a maximum of 30 children per day from primary schools and guide small groups through the ABC-house. More information on the reservation system and the course program can be found under bookings Holiday courses From 1 to 5 July, From 26 to 30 August, We provide a mix of playful, creative and energetic activities.

Number of slots — There are only 60 slots available per course and there is a high demand; there is not room for every applicant.

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Audience — Children from grades one to six. Cost — euros for the first child, euros for the second and 90 euros for the third child from the same family and for the same course. Be sure to contact us to discuss options. ABC will provide you with a certificate for this at a later date. More info and conditions can be obtained from your health insurance provider. Practical — Opening hours: Courses are taught by experienced ABC educators.

ABC will provide a healthy morning and afternoon snack. They will not have to bring any food on that day. Children who have a Mobib card should bring that with them. Practice, with our swords, the martial arts of the knights and shoot with crossbows and catapults… For the final tournament, you choose: Soap, wood, clay, stone, plaster, wire, paper and cardboard, found objects and natural materials are abundantly available to design and reinforce your own creations.

Monumental land art installations or small portrait heads, mobile sculptures or kinetic art, assemblages or one-minute statues… Modern sculpture transcends tradition and experiments with great freedom, even in public places.

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The different techniques and choice of materials of all these artists excite the imagination of the individual creative process of our young participants. Print graffiti stencils, disguise yourself as a sandwich-board man, make protest hats and banners, think up slogans and learn chants, practice the South African Toyi Toyi dance, just to name a few of the many activities. Get up, stand up! For centuries the night has spoken to the human imagination, and to artists in particular, thanks to our associations with darkness and the subsconscious.

We observe our dreams, the moon and the stars in the black theater, transform the night into day in the ABC-nightclub, go hunting with nocturnal animals and discover where and how other animals sleep, make nightlights, cast candles or paint the darkest black, delve into ghosts and witches, phantoms and vampires, enjoy the Thousand and One Night stories … and many many more.

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Why do people love to collect them or carry them so close to their hearts? Stones speak to the imagination. Sometimes they just have a beautiful shape, sometimes they lie well in the hand to skip on the water, or they give us a sense of security and protection. But stones can be very useful as well.

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Stones were used for survival: Mobiles and Kinetic Art The pleasure we experience as people, watching or experiencing movement, is the same as the experience of color and sound: Artists like Duchamp and Rodchenko were already experimenting with movement in the 20s, but it was not until the 30s that Alexander Calder came up with his fascinating moving sculptures.

But jewellery is more than just bracelets, necklaces and earrings… The prehistoric man wore bones around his neck to show off his good catch.

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  • Using various materials, jewellery was created to protect us, show who we are or to cheer us up. Leather bracelets or glittering earrings, amulets that protect you from harm, or medallions with a picture to never forget your bunny. Or how about a tattoo in the style of tough sailors? And do edible jewels exist?

    Klee made fifty inspiring puppets for his son Felix with which they could play puppet theatre together for hours. Visual Music Since ancient times artists have attempted to make music for the eye with moving images and light effects, similar to the effect of sound to the ear. How do images and music influence each other, how do they strengthen the other, how do we achieve color in music and sound in the picture?

    The holiday course, Visual Music, is a week of experimenting with sound and image: Ceramics Pottery, designing your own dishes, enjoying a clay massage or a facial mask… in this course clay takes a whole variety of forms. The children themselves experience the process of clay modeling, drying, baking, glazing. With the help of a real kiln.


    Just about everything around us is designed: In the various ABC-workshops we work around the art of packaging, graphic design, toy design, fashion and textile design, interior design, etc. Chinese number magic or morning rituals, making voodoo dolls from Africa or North American kachinas… but they will also become enchanted by, among other things, optical illusions and fanciful kamishibai stories populated by witches, dragons and sultans…. Mosaic Mosaics consist of pieces of colored stone, glass, ceramic tiles and other materials.

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    The Mesopotamians were already using mosaics made of terracotta and colored clay cones 5, years ago to decorate columns and walls. The children will discover inspiring examples from the past, but also look for Invader graffiti tiles in the streets of Brussels. Bring your favourite teddy along and join us for a magical concert of music of beauty and mystery for harp.

    Bring along your favourite teddy to hear the Violin, Viola and Cello of Trio Virtuosi in this exciting concert of wonderful Music of Strings and Things! Bring along your favourite teddy to Sound the Trumpet to explore the wonders of the leader of the brass family. Come and hear the Oboe, played by Karla Powell, who will take you on a journey through amazing music, amazing places and amazing stories, all on this wonderful instrument. You will be mesmerised by its versatility and Karla's virtuosity. Kate Hadley storyteller Matthew Forbes guitar Tom Gregory percussion, morris dancing Neil Valentine fiddle, presenter The ABC Bunny Band will get you into the Easter spirit with a concert of exciting folk music full of dancing, singing, jiggling and lots of fun!

    Clap along to some of the best tunes from the British Isles and beyond, join in with our massed Morris Dance, and be taken to new places with live music and interactive storytelling.

    Put on your bunny ears and get ready for an eggs-traordinary, action-packed concert! You will clap, dance, jig, sing and laugh your way through some of the greatest music for strings in this engaging and fun concert. One not to be missed!