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But when the agents along with their team travel to New Mexico to catch an shrewd serial killer, you are taken on a cat and mouse diversion with many riveting twists and turns, supernatural happenings, criminal activities, shape-shifters and a shocking development, which you will never see coming. I am definitely looking forward to reading more works by this extraordinary author. Jun 25, Victorius Promos rated it really liked it. VR McCoy is very gifted with articulating the story line to create a colorful twist with the display of a great villain within these pages.

The instrumental and thought provoking scenes are riveting with a great twist that will enhance your reading delight. I like the investigative strategies that were used to pull this into a complete package of lovable. Jun 21, Kevin Orth rated it did not like it. More than anything else the main character is having sex with his co-worker, dreaming about three ways with said co-worker and a another woman which both women find a turn on , arresting a guy at a brothel having a three way with two women.

Having dream sex with his co-worker.

Shaman: The Awakening

Oh yeah, he has done a little bit of dream journeying but really hasn't gotten much of anywhere with that. Dec 06, Shawn rated it it was amazing. Dreams are something most of us have in life. They can be scary, thought provoking, warnings, and sometimes erotic in nature. They are often something we keep private unless we feel like sharing with others.

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They are something we have the ability to control, well so we think. There are stories in Native American folklore of those who can walk within dreams. These individuals are able to implant themselves into a dream and control what happens. They could fill your dream with so much fear it liter Dreams are something most of us have in life. They could fill your dream with so much fear it literally scares you to death. There is then the flipside to that coin in which the dream is so sensual you are filled with great emotions.

The question then becomes what to do with such a gift if you happen to be one of these people. The book introduces the reader to an inmate of a mental hospital, one Christian Sands. A former contractor for the FBI that had some falling out with his bosses which landed him in this hospital. Christian begins to tell his story after a brief background on who he is. He just had to dreamscape with them and plant the seed of how great it would be to be with him. It was the start of a progress of growing up for the character that would lead to his job with the FBI.

A job that would put him into the middle of a case that would lead him to further discovery of his roots, and what his gift can really do. A case that will not only test his will, but of those he works with from the harden team leader, Steve, to the burgeoning romance with co-worker Dianne. A case in which women are being kidnapped and as they will find out murdered in a ritualistic way. C, to the plains of the West. The reader will get to visit places in New Mexico, and learn much about the Native American tribes that inhabit the land. It is land that the natives will protect and do not welcome government employees.

The story will bring you into a team of FBI agents that are much like those you see on popular television shows. They investigate the crimes that other agents are unable to solve and this case will become very personal to all involved. The case will bring a spotlight to the team as things do not follow their normal path and will get more attention than any could have thought.

The story makes great use of the places mentioned in the book and will take the reader into a well-developed land and people. The characters are also well crafted and described so that you get a feel of who they all are. There is some inter team relationships taking place but when you work with someone so long is it that farfetched it may happen? VR McCoy also crafts a great villain within the pages of the book. There are a few twists that the reader should find themselves enjoying.

Jun 08, Victoria Limbert rated it liked it Shelves: This is the first book I have read about a shamen. I enjoyed the idea of having one with a 'special' ability with a team of FBI who could really be seen as just keeping an eye on the humans with inhuman abilities. No one really fully trusts them. The opening chapter was very interesting. Christopher Sands, the hero of this book, narrates from a sort of 'almost voluntary' mental health institute and the events unravel from there. Christopher Sands doesn't know too much about his abilities, so we a This is the first book I have read about a shamen.

Christopher Sands doesn't know too much about his abilities, so we are able to enjoy him learning and using them against the villains and the crazy ass, sadistic cult. Though he is very good at 'dreamscaping' implanting thoughts, feelings and situations in other's minds while they are asleep.

This dreamscaping helped him in many situations. He also goes through a lot in this book, taken prisoner, beaten bloody, hunted down and treated pretty badly by everyone involved. One thing I enjoyed immensely was the culture and the history of Shamans and what they can do. It was nice to delve in the lore and watch Chris discover who he really is. Unfortunately I had a hard time connecting with the characters and at times the conversations could seem a little wooden, a little too proper. Its nice to hear a 'voice' and even get a sense of their accents , one you can hear coming from the character as you read their interactions.

Still, this was a solid read and its enjoyable, with great descriptions, naughty scenes and action. Sep 28, Jamie Jeffries rated it it was ok Shelves: I love the cover. However, this is one of those cases when you really shouldn't judge the book by it. Between the cover and the author's relentless marketing on Facebook groups to which I belong, I was persuaded to pick it up, fortunately on Kindle Unlimited.

As an indie author myself, I wanted to support the author, the story had some elements that hooked me, and to use that well-worn phrase, I really wanted to like the book. After plowing through nearly half of it, though, I just couldn't finis I love the cover. After plowing through nearly half of it, though, I just couldn't finish it.

My assessment is that it's a good first draft in serious need of editors, from a developmental editor to tell the author not to put an information dump in the first ten percent of the book, to a copyeditor to clean up awkward phrasing and incorrect use of words, to a proofreader. I'm not sure which one of them would be responsible for the use of serine an amino acid for serene, the proper word to have used based on context. And I've never before heard of a viscous dog.

It was so full of all of this type of error that I lost track of the story as I mentally edited nearly every sentence.

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I'm from the region of the country where the action takes place; I have an interest in Native Amerian lore, particularly as regards the Navajo Nation, and I love a good thriller. It should have been perfect for me. Too bad that the lack of professionalism in publishing it didn't do that fabulous cover better justice.

Jun 14, Bella Swann rated it really liked it Shelves: I enjoyed the twists and turns within the story very much. The love triangle did seem a bit unnecessary but the characters were well-developed. I would have liked to see some of the action scenes fleshed out further as there felt like a lot of summary of action instead of showing the action.

Based on the ending, there seems like there might be a sequel in the works and the story set-up was intriguing enough that I would most likely read the sequel to see how characters have developed from their first adventures. One confusing thing in the story is related to punctuation. For most of the novel, one character will say something, and then another character will say something, but there will not be a paragraph break between the two different speakers.

That makes it more complicated to figure out who is actually speaking.

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That is an easily fixed problem however. Overall, great story and the book is well-worth reading! Jul 10, Christoph Fischer rated it it was amazing. I was stunned by the vast knowledge on Native Indian culture that has been skillfully woven into what is a modern day detective story about abducted women. Our hero Chris has a unique ability around premonitions and dreams, which makes him a prefect tool for the FBI.

He is also a student of enlightenment, inching his way along the path as it is revealed to him. Currently, he divides his time between Michigan and Southern Indiana, living with his lovely wife, Elizabeth. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support?

Awakening Dragon is about empowerment, stirring the magick that lies at your heart, and through your heart, at the heart of the universe. It is a story about finding yourself, finding your center, and finding the love and intent that is at the heart of everything. Read more Read less. Here's how restrictions apply.

Meridian Awakening Class

From the Author Based on a shamanic experience, this book contains a visionary journey to awaken the dragon within and bring its power into the world, also awakening to the interconnection of all things. Be the first to review this item Amazon Best Sellers Rank: Print edition purchase must be sold by Amazon.

Thousands of books are eligible, including current and former best sellers. Look for the Kindle MatchBook icon on print and Kindle book detail pages of qualifying books. Print edition must be purchased new and sold by Amazon. Gifting of the Kindle edition at the Kindle MatchBook price is not available. Learn more about Kindle MatchBook. Also now at 5 week mark I am experiencing a peace that I have not had for many years. More content to be on my own, I am now more productive in every area of my life, and therefore much happier. In the space of just 5 weeks my positive experiences involve too many to recount here.

It was nothing short of transformational and amazing. If you are brave enough. It will change your life! The exercises brought a lot of awareness and calmness within me, made us more mindful of our body, gave us a lot of focus and discipline. I continue to do the exercises outside our training and I never felt better. The techniques and forms taught by Sharon do not just deal with the physical layer of an individual but also dives into the spiritual. The work we did in the past weeks allowed me to stay calm and detach myself from the drama around me.

Our training opened the doors for self-discovery and healing. It taught us courage and how to forgive ourselves but most of all; the biggest lesson I received from the training is learning to trust our power through surrender and embracing everything. Sharon is a gifted teacher and healer and my words are so limited in trying to explain the shift and the lessons that I experienced from this training.

Listen within and if you are ready to experience an intense life, do this training. An intense life is a powerful life Wherever You are in your personal journey is always a good time to draw into balance, strength, fluidity, and harmony. It is these qualities that I found to be the most enriching gifts from this practice.

I have been a long term yoga practitioner and teacher, and practice with discipline and passion. Coming into the energy training with Sharon has transformed my life and daily practice in the best of ways that I can only begin to describe. Rather than pushing back against life, fighting against the current, and depleting my energy reserves, I am remembering to use the flow to my advantage, cultivate energy wisely, and utilise my energy in an empowering and sustainable way. This is a great joy and gift, enjoying the flow whilst leading and directing within that flow.

With this ability I am able to engage and operate in my life from a place of Center, Self containment, and trust in my innate ability to navigate life with more ease and effortlessness. I remember my ability to feel more authentically, to allow my emotions currents to flow in health, to love my body, organs, tissues, and cells in a place of interconnected well being. Remembering to have gratitude for what every cell does and the unconditional support for which my organs provide me.

It's such an amazing practice which has brought a balance between the world that exists and moves 'outside' of me, with the vast and magnificent internal landscape internally. In this balance I learn to cultivate life force and the ability to move through life and engage with life in a sustained, empowered way. I am deeply grateful for this and offer my thanks to this practice and its facilitators. With extensive training in energy work, chi gong, tai chi, and shamanic tradition, Sharon is an inspiring space holder and carries with her reminders of our essential energy which we can always return to.

For me the "Shamanic Energy Training" has been a deep journey of inner healing, awakening and transformation. I have experienced some deep emotional releases, as well as some powerful kundalini experiences. My meditation practice has deepened as a result of the training and reached a whole new level. What I have found is that as you do the postures and breathing exercises, it increases your energy levels, your physical body and light-body are able to hold more light. You become more grounded, centred and peaceful within.

Your kundalini gets activated and as it flows up to the pineal and crown the energy illuminates your brain centres and you experience an expansion of consciousness. Simultaneously, that which does not serve you will start to fall away. This could be energies, emotions, beliefs, attachments etc. This can be challenging at times but as we continue the practice and allow ourselves to let go of that which does not serve, we start to experience deep transformational healing from within.

This allows you to come back into your centre, opening your heart, bringing more love into your life and allowing greater synchronicities to manifest into your life that are more in alignment with who you are and that will assist you and support you in your spiritual journey. Sharon is a powerful shaman and energy practitioner and an amazing facilitator and I would like to personally thank her as well as Joe for the energy and the love, wisdom and power that they bring into the training. It will be an investment that will powerfully accelerate you on your shamanic and spiritual journey.

It's amazing what can come up the trapped, disowned, suppressed, not-so-nice stuff , and what can be cultivated the strength, power, gentleness and stability. Wakefulness and presence has become more engaging, sleep is deeper, my attitude to work, money, my sense of self-worth have all experienced a maturation I couldn't have anticipated.

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I love that in the class we were asked to call in our soul's vision while holding deep postures. There was a clarity in that practice that I've never been able to cultivate so succinctly on my own. Deep gratitude to the facilitators, whom I adore for being authentic and kind wonderful weirdos who care deeply about their practice and are devoted to their work in a way that isn't seen today enough in my mind.

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